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March 17, 2010

We Demand More Cardboard Boxes To Chew!

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Arg since ye have yet to meet our demands they are about to increase! We now demand more

February 5, 2010

Puppy Pirate Blog!!!

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The puppies have taken over this abandoned blog! Arg! We demand peanut butter and organic chew toys!

February 4, 2010

My aunt loves me

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January 26, 2010

Why I Hate My Brother

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I hate my brother and don’t blog even though he went through all that work and made a blog for me and did all that moderatly fancy CSS bs at the time. And I still owe him am R2D2 hat.

September 28, 2009

making a hat!

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it is the “vine & leaf beret” on the cover of the current issue of vogue knitting. i am using some light purple baby cashmerino. it is good stuff. although it took a few tries to get it right, as the instructions say “blah blah blah repeat from *” and THERE IS NO *. and i did not guess right. but then i went online and figured it out. WOOHOO! can’t wait to wear it.

September 23, 2009

Upgraded Blog….

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I just upgraded the blog to 2.8.4, lets see if anyone notices…..

May 14, 2009

not exciting.

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i am not up to much lately other than taking my class (sterile processing) and trying to find a job. no luck so far, i have sent many online applications out and not heard back from any of them. i am thinking that next week, after i take my final exam and have my certificate for the class that i will go into boston and pass out some resumes in person. can’t hurt, right?

March 6, 2009

a new blog

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my friend jennifer had the idea that she and a couple friends should have a cooking blog, and here it is:

spoon with a purpose

come say hi!

February 15, 2009

FO, just forget that xmas was 7 weeks ago…

evelyn’s shrug

Originally uploaded by saripinksparkles

i made two of these little “shruggigans” for xmas presents, one for june and one for evelyn. the yarn is schaefer yarn’s “nancy” and the color is “pomegranate”. the pattern is also from schafer, it is called “nancy one skein shruggigan”.
i am making one for myself too, in the color “jane addams”.

i am done with the knitting and just need to block it, learn to crochet, crochet around the edge and add the buttons!

since i can not wait to wear it, maybe i will go block it now….

February 8, 2009

a light at the end of the tunnel

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This guy who works for CNN is doing something interesting for the month of February. He is giving himself a food budget for the same amount of money that he would get if he had to depend on food stamps (now called the SNAP program), and he is blogging about it. Just reading this article made me think a lot about how much gets wasted just in my house… leftovers getting thrown away, and items that i buy and forget about and they go bad. I also eat out far too often, mostly just because “I don’t feel like cooking” or even more accurate, I don’t feel like cleaning up after cooking. 

Since I got laid off, I have paid off and closed 2 “store” credit cards, and have used my two “real” credit cards minimally. I am proud of that, but reading this article, I realize that I could do other things better. I should really make a budget plan, and do my best to stick to it. I do not even have to do too much work, I can go read about what Crazy Aunt Purl did, and she has even made up a template and shared it. (link is in this blog post) Perhaps, even though its a tough time and looks like it will be a while until things really get better for a lot of people, it will help us all to learn not to be so wasteful and to live more within our means. I hope that I can do that anyway, because it would be nice to have some good things come out of this rather than just be upset about everything until I find another job, and then just start the same cycle all over again.

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